Estas son las modelos 'curvy' más influyentes del momento

El movimiento 'Body Positive' (el cual busca la aceptación del cuerpo), le ha abierto los ojos a todo el mundo para demostrar que la belleza existe en todas las tallas. Poco a poco, los diseñadores de moda también se han ido sumando a dicho movimiento al incluir a chicas con curvas en sus pasarelas.


Actualmente, modelos como Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence y Hunter McGrady son las mujeres más populares de la industria de la moda, y por ende, se han convertido en un ejemplo a seguir para todos sus seguidores alrededor del mundo. Por ello, acá te dejamos una lista de las diez modelos plus-size más influyentes del momento según la revista Maxim.

Ashley Graham


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Iskra Lawrence

Tabria Majors

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Robyn Lawley

@brasnthings has always been a place I’ve shopped even since I was a young prepubescent teen. Its crucial and important to see a model of a different size especially when shopping lingerie. I did not really think the day would come, you would ever see a size 14 model regular lingerie in my hometown (sad/stupid I know). But now that it has happened, the first thought comes into my head is why aren’t all brands showcasing their products on different sizes? «Live life your own way” is definitely my mantra. I’m finally content and proud just the way I am, no easy feat. Please go out there girls and rock it! Don’t ever hold yourself back, don’t skip going to the beach because you don’t feel content with how you look, don’t ever EVEr think your life will be so much better being a few kilos less, NONE of that matters. What matters is you living your life and enjoying the journey!! never be ashamed!!! Own it!!! Photographed by my homeboy @stevenchee makeup by @sarahtammer and hair by @kohhair Una publicación compartida de Robyn Lawley (@robynlawley) el

Marquita Pring

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Hunter McGrady

You guys I have been bursting to tell you all the exciting news that I am an official Rookie in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. I want to thank Sports Illustrated, MJ Day, and Taylor Ballantyne for breaking the glass ceilings that have been so desperately needed to be broken for so long. For showing that beauty comes in many different forms. This 2018 issue means the world to me and I cannot wait to share what we shot. It is captivating and ground breaking and something SI has never done before and I feel so grateful to be able to share these moments with women and men around the world who have never felt like they had a place because media has brainwashed us into thinking we have to fit a certain mold in order to fit in and be beautiful. Here I am, a size 16 at nearly 6 feet tall and am yet again in what is considered the sexiest magazine to come out every year!!! There is an astonishing range of beautiful girls in this issue, every size, every ethnicity, every height and I am thankful to be able to continue this conversation of body positivity and the rise of powerful women. We are here to stay so get on board. Women are fierce, we are brave, we are changing the narrative and we are a force to be reckon with. I’m lucky to be beside each and every woman in this issue. This is only the beginning.

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Hayley Hasselhoff

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Denise Bidot

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Jordyn Woods

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Barbie Ferreira

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