7 cuentas de desnudos en Instagram que debes seguir

Síguelas antes de que las cierren...


Sabemos que a la gente le gusta desnudarse online. Alrededor de una tercera parte de la internet está constituida por imágenes de cuerpos desnudos. Sin embargo, Instagram nunca ha estado de acuerdo con esto.

En esta plataforma puedes publicar fotografías un poco reveladoras, pero no puedes ir muy lejos. Es decir, nada de pezones, ni genitales.

Afortunadamente, algunos usuarios se las ingeniaron para compartir sus fotografías «en cueros» sin romper las reglas de esta red social.

Por ello, acá te dejamos siete cuentas de desnudos que debes seguir en Instagram:

Bare To Be Free

A Naked Girl

Naked In Nature

‘Ever realize how the person infront of you is driving too slow and the person behind you is driving too fast?’ I love that quote. It’s so true and important to realize how quickly we are to judge others while simultaneously justifying ourselves. We’ve all been there, had somebody who has done or said something that has made us feel terrible. Why then do we do this to other people? It’s important to be opinionated and passionate – that’s what makes us human – but it’s also important to understand the other end of the stick and be aware of how your opinions can hurt others. You know, more and more often I hear people complain about how this world is turning into a bad place and it’s funny because those are usually the same people who are quick to be racist/sexist/make unnecessary insults. My rambling point is that sometimes the problem resides within ourself – be cognizant that it’s not always the other people who are the issue. That whole ‘treat others the way you want to be treated’ thing isn’t a popular saying for no reason. ✌ Photo: @aninhailhadamagia

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Sara Underwood

Welcome to my tide pool. Dress code: flower bras. by @jck_photography

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Part 2 of 3. Bareback. @partylikejzl

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Naked Wanderings

Cheeky Exploits

The Nude Blogger

Hello there beloveds Just checking in and hoping that you are all well. Apologies for my lack of presence lately I’m in the midst of a move and have a lot of life admin going on at the moment, so my energy and focus has been on getting all of that in order… As tedious as a move can be, I am trying to enjoy the process and be present in closing one chapter and opening another There is a little bit of nostalgia in packing up my first home here on the Gold Coast… but I am super excited to get into my new place and start fresh! I’ve done a lot of culling, minimalising and walking up and down stairs!!! The stairs part being rather testing. I’ve been pinned against walls as I try to manoeuvre large, heavy items up and down the stairs Believe me, I cannot wait to get stuck right back into my blog!!! Anywho, just thought I would provide you all with a little update as to my whereabouts and send you all a little love ❤️

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Thank you to everyone who has played their part in helping me to get this account reactivated From the bottom of my heart, from the depths of my soul ❤️ I’m still rather shocked, but if anything… I am more overcome with gratitude and love Whilst some of the topics I discuss can be quite confronting, candid and ‘taboo’, I aim to spread awareness and shed light where there is dark ✨ I believe we are all on the path of evolution, and sometimes we just need to open our minds to the unknown and unfamiliar in order to grow. To expand our awareness. I believe we must learn to cultivate tolerance. We must learn to thrive in a diverse society. We must learn to set ourselves free of the restrictions of our own perceptions, and I hope my blog can help contribute to that. May love prevail over fear, and may we see truth as we experience it ✨ . Thank you, thank you, thank you again… and thank you @instagram for allowing me the chance to continue spreading my positive message . . Please remember to follow my secondary/backup account @thenudeblogger_ too Have an amazing Friday beautiful people Much love to you all ❤️ . . taken by my beautiful friend @dasilva___ . . #gratitude #love #peace #blessed #thankful #happy #joy #blackandwhite #photography #art #yoga

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